Swirling Lakes Among Mountains : Beautiful Lakes In Naran Kaghan

Swirling Lakes Among Mountains : Beautiful Lakes In Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan is like a heaven on earth. A valley ranging from green grass turf to snowy mountains on the sides provides a soothing view. Beautiful Lakes in Naran Kaghan are also one of the indispensable feature which makes them a place worthy of visit. A gist of some of the lakes is given below.

Beautiful lakes in naran kaghan


Saif ul Malook Lake


Saif ul Malook lake, heightens about 3500m above sea level, and is situated in the North of Naran. Its Greenish water provides an elusive view for the spectators as well as it also shows peak of Malika Parbat. One of the reason why people prefer visiting Saif ul Malook lake is its easy accessibility.


Beautiful lakes in naran kaghan


Ansoo Lake


Ansoo Lake is one of the most beautiful lake in naran kaghan, as evident from name, it emerged from its peculiar shape. That lake is quite a small one. It takes about 6 to 7 hours by foot from Saif ul Maluk lake to reach that place. Elevation of this lake is about 4000m from Sea level.


Beautiful lakes in naran kaghan


Lulusar Lake


Lulusar lake is the largest natural lake of that area and one of the most beautiful lake in Naran kaghan. It is about 3.5km long and is one of the prime source of River Kunhar. It is about 60 km from Naran. Lulusar Lake has a crystal clear water and everyone can seen this lake on his way to Babusar Top.


Beautiful lakes in naran kaghan


Dudiptsar Lake


This lake is being fortified by snowy mountains and it shows snowy peaks in its water and become the Most Beautiful Places in Naran, so the name dudi is given to that lake. The main impediment in going to that lake is its difficult hike. Trout fish is found in that lake and that is the other reason for which it becomes a worthy place to visit.


Beautiful lakes in naran kaghan


Saral Lake


Saral lake of Naran Kaghan is sometimes mistaken to be the one located in Azad Kashmir, although both are different ones. It is about 3500m above Sea level and it takes about 5 to 6 hours of trekking from Dudipat to reach Saral Lake. For nature lovers and trekker Saral lake is the the most beautiful lake to pay a visit.

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