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Balakot: The city of culture and History

Balakot is a sight for the sore eyes. It is located in North-East of Mansehra city having a distance of about 80km from it. Elevation of Balakot is nearly 3180 feet and is considered as a gateway for Kaghan Valley. Balakot along with its surroundings has quite a scenic beauty including Naran Kaghan, Kawai, Siri lake, Siri Paya as well as Ansoo lake.

River Kunhar is among one of the majesties of Balakot which originates from Lulusar lake and merges with Jehlum river. River Kunhar flows in between the lush green mammoth mountains providing a serene view.

Balakot weather swirls from Hot Summers to Cool Winter in a year.  Rain fall is high in late winters and in monsoon season. Humidity stays high, about 55% in July, and as low as 19% in December. Weather of Balakot though gets unpredictable at times.

Naran Kaghan

Balakot is a place suitable for Camping and Hiking. Hotels in Balakot also provide these kinds of facilities. Pine View hotel, PTDC motel ,  and PC Muzzafarabad which is about 15 miles from Balakot are the places to reside in with family. Hotels provide scores of amenities along with transportation.

 No doubt, Balakot is one of the places; tourists are dying to visit for. Lofty mountains along with green fields captivate the eyes of beholder. If you are planning to visit this charming place, then make sure you that you get the details of hotels and weather forecast beforehand and then pack your luggage for a nostalgic visit.


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