Best Places to watch Sunrise and Sunset in Naran Kaghan

Finest blend of Romance and Serenity

As it is said that beauty is in the eye of beholder, but there are some places in Pakistan which clearly depicts the fine work of Mother Nature. One of these places is the middle sized Naran Kaghan valley. In my opinion, there won’t be a single traveler in country who is unaware of that enchanting place.

One of the enticing features of the area is the beautiful places where travelers can enjoy the Sunrise and Sunsets while staying in Naran Kaghan. Some of the places for viewing these transitions of day and night are as follows.

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1. Kunhar River Bridge

One of the most easily accessible places to feel the moments of Sunrise and Sunset in Naran Kaghan is the Kunhar River Bridge. The good thing about this bridge is that, you don’t need to drive to place or do some hiking. You can just go to that bridge, enjoy the sighting with the voice of river water flowing under the bridge.

2. Gitidas Lake

Gitidas lake as known by its lush green fields as well as livestock is a place where you can enjoy the Sunrise view a lot better. You will find patches along the places where water is flowing through the pastures. By sitting beside these patches of freezing water one can get his serenity accrued.

3. Dudipatsar Lake

Known as Queen of Lakes is one of the special spots to visit in the valley. Mountains around the lake which are laden with snow in the winter and green grass in the summers captivates the visitors. People can enjoy the view of morning and the evening by staying all day long to this place.

4. Lalazar

Naran Kaghan being famous for its landscapes make it a place to visit frequently. Nature loving people who want to enjoy every single moment of the day can have a visit to Lalazar, the ultimate landscape of the valley to view the Nature’s work of entering night into day and vice versa. The rays of sunlight giving reflection of surrounding in water entices the visitors.

5. Babusar Top

The best place to enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset in my opinion is Babusar Top. The reason being its elevation is if you go to its peak point and you can sit at Dhabbas at Babusar top. You can also enjoy some snacks and scrumptious samosas with the pleasant view in addition to the cool breeze.

These are the recommended places in Naran Kaghan for enjoying the divine beauty of sunrise and sunset. If you have any suggestion about any place please share with us by commenting below.

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