Eid ul Fitar Holidays in Naran Kaghan: Beat the Heat

God has given the scenic beauty to Naran Kaghan having lush green fields of Jalkhad, crystal Blue water of Lake Lulusar Lake and crowded Bazar of Naran Kaghan with full of Hazara, Pakhtoon Souvenirs. According to latest report every year over 0.3 million tourists visit Naran Kaghan to beat the heat of June July. Especially from areas where temperature is high all the time in Summer.

If we were talking about the Holidays of Eid ul Fitar (The Holy Day of Muslims). Then planning a tour to Naran Kaghan is a perfect plan for enjoying your Eid with your friends and family. Despite the weather condition on Eid days Naran Kaghan is full of tourists. As Eid’s holidays are the best chance for tourist to visit Northern Areas and seen natural beauty by their own eyes. There are somethings I want to share with tourist who are planning tour to Naran Kaghan on Eid Holidays. Advance Hotel Booking:


On Eid days especially when you are planning tour to Naran Kaghan make sure that you plan one month before Eid. On Eid days hotels in Naran Kaghan are really crowded and you can’t find hotel easily. Tourists who have even their own tents or accommodation arrangements can’t even find a place in Naran Kaghan. So my advice is to pre-book your hotels from Online booking sites. So that when you reached Naran Kaghan you didn’t face any inconvenience.

Weather Condition:


Weather of Naran Kaghan is always pleasant whenever you visit Naran Kaghan you feel relaxing because of change of weather, temperature and environment. For detail weather analysis here’s another article on Naran Kaghan Weather

Normally on Eid Days snow is still on Mountains and nights are almost cold. So you have to bring winter clothes along with you because on Night you don’t have to miss the charm of Nightlife of Naran Bazar. For that purpose, you have to bring Winter clothes with you and that’s highly recommended.

Avoid Personal Cars:


During Eid Days Naran Kaghan Bazar, Hotels, Picnic spots, and Parking is really crowded. You can’t find a space to park even in Naran Bazar so according to my recommendation hiring a car is best option. Especially in Eid ul Fitar Days. If you really want to hire a car you must go through these article

Top 5 Rent a car Service
Hiring a Car to Naran Kaghan.

Tour Packages:


If your really want to enjoy Eid ul Fitar holidays with your friends and family then you have to take tour packages from online tour providers. You only have to pay for the package rest of the arrangements will be done by tour providers. For more info and Best tour packages for Naran Kaghan

Best Tour packages for Naran Kaghan.

On Eid days enjoy your tour with friends and family these are thing I want to share with you guys for Eid ul Fitar. Stay safe and watch you kids especially on River sides. If you are visiting Naran Kaghan on your own car please go through Travel & Safety Tips for your safety. If you find this article informative kindly let us know by commenting below or email us and share with your friends and family

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