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Hiking tracks in Naran Kaghan : A life time adventure


Hiking and trekking provides a perfect encounter with nature. To know about the Mother Nature and its propelling beauty by hiking and trekking, Naran Valley is a place to be visited for adventure loving folks.
Best places to hike and trek in Naran Valley or simply you can say that Best Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan should be known and some of them are as follows.


Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Lalazar also known as Valley of Blooming Flowers is a meadow with rich green pasture and one of the beautiful hiking track in Naran Kaghan. It is high in altitude about 10,499 feet above sea level and feasible to be visited in mid and Early Summer Season. There are two tracks to reach this soothing place. One is a jeep track and other is a steep one for lone or group walkers. It goes from the vicinity of Lake Saif ul Malouk and takes about 6 to 7 hours of trekking to reach Lalazar


Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Jalkand, a base camp provides visitors with nature of raw quality. This place is about 3 hours drive from Naran city and 10,200 feet above sea level. Jalkand is near Babusar Top and it has no means of accommodation. Mid summer is Perfect time to visit and has quite an easy route with carpeted road. People fond for walking can follow the road but beware of Great Snow Leopards, Grey Wolves in the evening if you are having a walk by the roadside.

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Babusar Top

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Babusar top with 13,900 feet elevation is near Jalkand as mentioned earlier. One thing to care about is to have some sturdy sticks and jackets to reach the top because it’s quite windy there and the slope is quite steep and stone- ridden at some points. Keep one thing in your mind that Babusar top and Jalkand have same pathway.


Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Shogran is known for its stunning flora and fauna. This hill station is 7,749 feet above sea level and perfect place to visit in summer. From Kiwai one can find jeep too, and jeep track could also be followed by trekking lovers.

Ansoo Lake

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Ansoo Lake was found by Military near Malika Parbat Base Camp. It is 13,927 feet high and feasible to be visited in summer. There are 2 trekking routes to reach the lake. First one follows the steep trekking from Saif ul Malouk Lake of about 6 hours. Second one from Mahandri, 40km from Naran. To reach from Mahandri, two Galis known as Manor and Koch are used. First you need to go to Dher, and after that you reach the Lake.

Saif ul Malouk Lake

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Saif ul Malouk Lake is 10,578 feet high and mostly visited by folks in summer. There is a jeep track to reach the Lake as it’s too steep and stony, but can be done by trekking and hiking along with stiff and sturdy sticks and hiking suits.

Saral Lake

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Saral lake is known as Princess of Mountains with 13,600 feet height. The most compelling thing about that lake is the height of mountains surrounding the residing Valley. That lake is located near Noori Top. To reach this place one first travel to Sharda first by trekking, then follow the jeep track till Noori Sar. It is advised to stay the night here for hikers and trekkers although it is quite windy there. On the next day you can reach the Lake in the morning and spend the whole day but the pathway is steep at some points and uphill at some spots.

Dudipatsar Lake

Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan

Dudipatsar Lake is known as Gem of Pakistan with 12,500 feet height and one of the most adventurous hiking track in Naran Kagahn. The road to the Lake is moderately difficult. At start the track is smooth but then it is prone to be steep with broken trees, mild streams at some spots. First stop for the hikers is at Besal, and then they can go to lake. After spending time there hikers can return towards Mullah ki Basti before going back to Besal.


Recommended Hiking Tracks in Naran Kaghan are discussed above  in my opinion. If you want to recommend a Hiking track please do so by adding comment below. Enjoy your visit at Naran Kaghan and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.


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