Hiring a Car for Naran Kaghan: Essential Guide

Don’t we all love the idea of road trips especially when we talk about Naran Kaghan? Just thinking about it rejoices a feel of a fresh start. However, our exciting adventure can quickly turn into a nightmare with one wrong decision. This decision revolves around the car and the driver we choose to hire for the trip.

But you can be saved from all this hassle with the right kind of preparation. Maximize your drive adventure by taking the few essential consideration enlisted below:


Ask yourself why

The why is usually the answer to everything. Hiring a car with the driver allows the flexibility to the traveler. This trend is not so famous among the travelers in Pakistan, but it is gradually accelerating its pace.

The travelers are now preferring to hire a car with the driver because of two main reasons.

  • First, they prefer their ease and comfort more and want to completely devote their time to their loved ones instead of roads.
  • Secondly, since we are not aware of the routes and the conditions of the road, therefore, this can be a great bummer in our trip as well as a threat to our safety.

Therefore, in order to make the most of the trip, it makes more sense to hire a car with the driver who is well aware of the roads and the routes of Naran Kaghan.



Rent a Car Services For Naran Kaghan


Kinds of the car for traveling

The selection of the car depends on the choices and affordability of the individual.

Size of the car

The cars which are suitable for a road trip are determined on the basis of their size which encompasses mini cars, 4×4 cars, as well as limousine, though if you plan to make your trip horrendous do not opt for limousine as their size is large and rooms are bumpy, perhaps not a terrific combination, right?

The variation in car size is also termed as classes on various sites which are economy cars, premiums cars as well as luxury cars.

A feature of the car

The car feature depends on how many people are traveling and varies accordingly. If you are more people then perhaps having a standard card which can accommodate all is the priority while if you are few then going towards luxury option is not bad at all.

The manual and automatic car feature are to be considered separated as it depends on how whether you choose to drive it yourself or hire a driver.

Preparation before finalizing a car

This is the main, crucial, important, and most imperative part of a road trip. Make sure the car is big enough to accommodate all the people that are traveling. Therefore, before finalizing a car ask yourself countless questions such as:

  • For how many days are you planning to stay?
  • At what time do you want it?
  • Where and when you want it i.e. pick up and drop off point.
  • What would be the returning procedure?
  • How much luggage will you be carrying along?
  • Do you want to participate in activities which require special equipment?
  • Do you require some equipment to be carried to cope with the disability?
  • What type of car you want, whether you want to travel with the company hired driver or arrange a driver of your own?
  • The mileage of the car you are inclined to book considering the destinations you plan to visit.
  • Do you need the extra things such as music system, child seat belts,

One easiest way to get the car booking done is online. It is efficient, effective and provides answers to all of our queries within seconds. Moreover, these also provide us with all the crucial documents online, which can be saved virtually in the form of soft copy as well as in the form of hard copy.

Before leaving preparations

Perhaps the last step towards beginning the dream trip that is bound to take you away on an adventure no less than ecstasy itself. Ensure that you check all essentials in case you are hiring a car for traveling, to protect yourself from the legal implications that might occur.

Check all the enlisted documents such as hiring cost, car insurance, charges, driver pay, and tax of the car prior to leaving the hiring company office. In case, you have hired the car with the driver, ensure he has an updated national identity card and the driving license.

It is suggested because in case any document is incomplete or absent, it can be provided to you in a prompt manner. Plus, this also saves us from the additional charges which we are to pay to in case the documents are not complete on our trip, which can completely ruin our trip.

The things to be checked are

  • Is the car hired the same which you have booked?
  • Does it include the additional things which you requested? It can include the extra child safety seat belts, GPS, Wi-Fi, or more in the car
  • Do the additional things added are functional or not?
  • Is there anything extra which you have not requested? If yes, then ask whether its complementary or put in by mistake
  • Check the fuel whether it has the same amount as listed in the document or varies.
  • Does the car have insurance or not. It is better to hire the car which is covered by insurance.

These are the following essential things which the individuals in Pakistan must ensure to oblige to before traveling to Naran Kaghan. These not only make your trip full of adventure but also ensure protection from the contingency charges along with your personal safety.

Written by  Aliza Gavin  Edited by  Mohsin

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