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Nature’s Great Escape – Kaghan Valley in Pakistan

Kaghan Valley, the jewel of Mansehra, is situated in the Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The place has come as a blessing of God to the country because of its ethereal beauty and heaven like milieu.

Geographical Overlook

Kaghan Valley has an alpine climate with having Babusar Pass as the highest point in the area; 13,690 feet above sea level. The place is a famous tourist destination for people in Pakistan and foreign countries.

Your Ride to Kaghan

It is possible to take a jeep or any four wheel vehicle to travel to the Kaghan Valley in the summers. It’s difficult to do so in the winters due to heavy snowfall and landslides.

Out and About in Kaghan

Once you’re in Kaghan you can pay a visit to many beautiful places around.

The Town of Balakot 

is a famous town situated at the bank of River Kunhar surrounding by a thick forest adding to the scenic beauty of the area. The town of Balakot is considered as a gateway to the Kaghan Valley since it is only 72 km from Islamabad.


Shogran is situated 34 km away from Balakot Town and is one of the most beautiful plateau of Kaghan Valley standing 7747 feet above sea level. The thick pine forests in Shogran makes the place very peaceful to stay in.

Sari Paya

 The Sari Paya is a beautiful meadow situated in the Kaghan Valley. It stands at a height of 9000 feet above sea level with its striking beauty and spectacular view of the Malika Parbat.

Dudipatsar Lake 

 This beautiful lake is situated in the Lalusar Dedupatsar National Park. It’s a one hour drive from Naran and is only accessible from June to September each year.

What To Do When You’re in Kaghan

There are literally a range of activities to pursue when you’re visiting the Kaghan Valley!

Trekking and Hill Walking

If you’re into exercising your muscles and getting that blood pumped up then this activity if for you! Mountaineering and Rock Climbing are quite popular activities in Kaghan. Climbing on the ‘queen of mountains’ the Malika Parbat standing 5290 m in height could be one of the best thrilling experiences in life.

River Rafting in Kunhar River

River Rafting on the Kunhar River has been introduced just recently. The river waters are perfect for rafting and exploration. Some parts of the river, situated near Naran Valley would be suitable for experienced paddlers only. However, the area near Balakot is excellent for beginners and all fun lovers.

Jeep Safari

While you’re in Kaghan, you can enjoy jeep rides to Sari Paya and Lake Saiful Maluk, Lalazar and Shogran. The valley is popular for offering tourists thrilling jeep rides from Naran to Babusar Pass and Noori Top. The places are blessed with nature and beauty. You only need to make sure the four wheeler you’re travelling in is of best condition. Car trouble can prove to be a great hindrance to your experience.

Fishing, Trout fishing

Fishing is a famous activity in the Kaghan Valley and rather a favorite hobby of the tourists. Brown and rainbow trout are a famous catch with the people in the crystal clear waters of the Kunhar River. Mahasher is a fish heaven with great varieties of trout such as the rainbow and brown. The trout of Kunhar is considered to be the best throughout the entire subcontinent. The activity requires a fishing permit that is issued to the people by the fisheries department at Shinu or Naran. The Naran bazaar is famous for providing the best fishing equipment so you don’t have to worry about carrying your own rod and bait all the time. The use of fishing nets and explosives is strictly prohibited in the rivers of Kaghan Valley and other adjacent areas.

Lodging and Accommodation

Kaghan Valley doesn’t fall short of providing some of the best rest-in places for the visitors coming in from all across Pakistan and abroad. You can either book a room or a private suite; entirely based on your preferences. The cost is reasonable with no compromise on comfort and food.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent accommodating spots in Kaghan:
PTDC MOTEL: Situated in the Balakot town of Kaghan. The cost of one room goes till PKR 2500 per night.
HOTEL SILVER GLEAM: This one’s located near the pump on Kaghan Road.
PINE TRACK HOTEL: This one’s the cheapest since the cost goes up till PKR 1500 tops. Located on Kaghan Road Taranna in Balakot.

Perfect Time to Visit Kaghan

Summer is the best time to visit Kaghan Valley since the chances of having a hail storm or landslides is less and the temperature is mildly cool.

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