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Heaven on Earth – Beauty of the Naran Valley in Pakistan

Naran Valley is God’s most precious gift to Pakistan and its people. It is the sole reason behind Pakistan’s leftover image as a tourist country. The areas to the north like Naran, however, are visited by many people from all across the country.


Geographical Overlook

Naran valley is a town in the upper side of Kaghan 119 km from the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) territory of Pakistan. Naran is thought to be one of Pakistan’s most picturesque towns, or as such ‘Heaven on Earth’ by the nature-aficionados. A great many sightseers, trekkers and enterprise seekers visit this place on a yearly premise. The place is taken as the base station or the principle entryway to goals like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley.

Naran Valley


Your Ride to Naran

The Naran Valley is associated by means of street from Mansehra. The visitor season begins from first June to 31st August where the vehicle runs day by day from Mansehra to Naran. You can without much of a stretch book your outing from any city to the Naran Valley amid this month. You can either rent a jeep, private auto or navigate to take you there without hassle. Notwithstanding, you have to take careful steps while going amid winter months as the streets are obstructed because of substantial snowfall.

Out and About in Naran Valley – Hiking, trekking, and off-roading
Naran Valley doesn’t fall back in providing a range of fun filled activities for the tourists.


 Lake Saif-ul-Maluk

Naran Valley
A dusty, meandering track connects Naran Valley to the strikingly beautiful Lake Saiful Maluk. The road is 9 km in length with the hiking tracks going from easy to medium difficulty. It takes about 1 hour to reach the lake. Once you’re here, you wouldn’t want to leave because the place is like a magic spell. When you’re under it, it’s hard to get out. The honest to goodness beauty of the place acts as the best escape from the hustling bustling life of the city.


 Ansu Lake

Ansu means ‘tear’ in Urdu and as the name goes, Ansu Lake is a tear shaped lake adjacent to Malika Parbat. Its high altitude and covers 11 km trail distance from Saiful Maluk. If you’re more of an adventure-seeker, you can walk your way from Malika Parbat to reach the lake. Trekking takes about 4-5 hours. The lake is almost inaccessible during extreme winter months, therefore plan a visit at least before November.



Naran Valley Lalazar
Lalazar plateau was once known as the land of beautiful flowers and soothing pine forests, but with the recent cultivation of crops such as potatoes and other vegetables, the striking natural beauty of the place has declined. However, the place is a must visit for all tourists coming to Naran Valley.


Lodging and Accommodation

Naran doesn’t miss the mark in pleasing its guests originating from Islamabad, Karachi or other places. There are more than a 100 unique lodgings extending from top of the line extravagance suites to low valued sensible rooms. In case you’re an in-your-face nature-beau, you can without much of a stretch spare cash by setting up your own tent as opposed to paying the high cost at an inn. Tent motels are additionally accessible for lease to families.
The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation has set up their motel on the north side. The cottages can suit individuals on an alternate duty. The hovels in favour of River Kunhar are somewhat exorbitant contrasted with others. There are markets worked with the day by day necessities, for example, sustenance and dress.

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Fluctuations in Weather

In the Naran Valley, the weather tends to get extremely cold in winters while summer time faces a significant amount of rainfall. Forests and green meadows dominate the landscape of Naran that peaks over 17,000 feet.


What You Must Carry

The vacationers need to ensure that they have all their fundamental necessities with them, for example, the right sort of apparel. Naran valley has a tendency to be cool lasting through the year with a yearly temperature of 10 degrees.

What could the Best Possible Time be to visit Pakistan’s Natural Haven?
The best time to set out for Naran would be the late spring months of June – August. There is insignificant snowfall amid these months contrasted with the winter months. The normal yearly temperature in Naran is 10 to 20 degrees. So in case you’re arranging an outing toward the northern side of Pakistan, make sure to avoid the extreme winter months of December and January.

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