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From Snowfall to Sunshine: Facets of Naran Weather

Naran Valley, a small one of upper Kaghan valley is at a height of about 8000 feet.It is situated at a distance of about 119 km from Mansehra City. Kaghan valley is a charismatic place to visit with a lot of picturesque scenes of nature. Naran valley really calls for the beauty and magnificence of the creator. It is a place which tickles the artistic nature of the visitors and provides a serene view. It is one of the best places that are dearly liked by the tourists with respect to naran weather.


Weather changes in Naran

As far as weather of Naran valley is concerned, it is advisable to visit the valley from MAY to SEPTEMBER. This time is rife for the tourists with very diminished chances of any snowfall. Sunny days with snow clinged to the mountains provides a soothing effect for the eyes.
Weather of Naran valley is quite congenial in summers, whereas, climate conditions could go from bad to worse in winters. Snowfall with landsliding could deteriorate the climatic conditions further. Weather remains around 30 degrees even in summers. On the other hand in winters it could go to as low as-5 generally.


General Weather Pattern of Year


Naran kaghan weather
Naran weather, though quite unpredictable at times, still is has some general patterns throughout the year which could be taken into account while travelling to Naran. Generally, weather in January fluctuates from 8 degrees to -2 degrees with humidity around 77% and precipitation of 12mm. In january about 5 days have snowfall with light drizzle.


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In February

Temperature remains about 11 degrees to 1 degree. Humidity resides at 74% and precipitation stays at 29mm. Rainy weather stays for about 9 days and snowfall for 3 days. Weather is not foggy in these days.
In March, Naran weather, stays in between 16 degrees to as low as 4 degrees. Humidity remains at about 66% and precipitation stays at 40mm. Weather is mild and snowfall normally occurs for a single day with about 10 days of rainfall.

In April

The weather starts to become more congenial. Naran weather, remains in between 21 degrees to about 8 degrees. Humidity stays at 62% with precipitation of 23mm. Rainy weather continues in drips and drabs for 10 days with no chances of snowfall normally.

In May, summer season starts to show up with Temperature increasing to 26 degrees maximum and to low as 11 degrees. Humidity of 63% and precipitation is at 21mm. No snowfall but rainy weather takes about 8 to 10 days.
In June, from 15 degrees to 29 degrees, weather shows humidity of about 62% and precipitation of 27mm. Rain fall is at maximum of 8 days.

In July

Temperature reaches at its maximum with 30 degrees and low at 18 degrees normally. Humidity goes to about 68% with precipitation of about 30mm. Rain pattern follows the month of June most of the times.

In August, naran weather, presents the same conditions as of july in accordance with temperature. Humidity goes to the highest of 70% with precipitation of 31mm. Rainy weather stays at about 7 to 8 days.


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In September

From 20mm precipitation to 66% humidity, temperature fluctuates from 13 degrees to about 28 degrees. Rainy weather drops from 8 days to about 5 days in these days.

In October, naran weather, again slides down towards winter. From 23 degrees maximum it falls to a level of about 6 degrees. Humidity stands at 66% with precipitation of 11mm. Weather is not foggy in the start of the winter and rainy weather stays at most 5 days.


In November

Temperature goes down to as low as 1 degree with maximum temperature stays at about 16 degrees. Humidity goes at about 70% and precipitation becomes close to 30mm. Snowfall starts from November continuing for a day or so. Rainfall becomes low and stays at for about 3 days. Weather is not foggy in november, too.

In December, weather goes to low of -1 degree and as high as 10 degrees to its highest. Humidity goes to about 78% and precipitation to 13mm. Drizzling stays for 5 days with snowfall of 1 or 2 days. Weather starts to become foggy from december.

Naran Weather

Naran Kaghan Live weather Update


Best Months to Visit Valley

Naran weather, though not dependable at some moments, still it is advisable to visit from May to October with less chances of severity. During snowfall, landsliding could be deleterious for the visitors. Before visiting to that heavenly place you should make sure that weather remains stable during your visit by checking the weather updates before hand.


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