Top 5 Must Try Food In Naran Kaghan : Cuisines of Naran Kaghan

Food is one of the basic needs of humans. While planning a trip, food lovers always have a look at the best food items available at that place especially when we talk about Naran Kaghan foods comes at very first place. Food in Naran Kaghan is really good for both food and nature lovers. Naran Kaghan is famous for their delicious foods and cuisines Food. There are number of Hotels in Naran Kaghan for different taste and varieties. Food items which are readily available in Naran Kaghan are known for their relishing spices. Some of them are discussed below in my opinion.

Chicken / Mutton Karahi


Everyone is fond of eating karahi. Some folks are more inclined towards chicken and others towards mutton. During visit to Naran Kaghan Chicken/Mutton karahi is a must try food cuisine. Especially when there is chilling cold outside in Naran Kaghan then Karahi is the best deal for enjoying the both weather and Food. There are numerous Hotels in Naran Kaghan Bazar whose Karahi’s are worth eating and so far Chicken / Mutton Karahi is recommended and must try food in Naran Kaghan. Just try once while on a visit to Naran Kaghan and comment below to share your experience.

Chicken / Mutton Biryani


Biryani is something that makes everyone mouth water. Chicken/Mutton biryani is known to be of Indian Origin and the way it is made in Naran Kaghan doubles the taste with its sizzling taste. In Pakistan you can find different type of Biryani’s but in Naran Kaghan Biryani is more delicious whether it is Karachi biryani Bombay biryani, Sindhi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani because of Naran weather.

Chicken Roast


Chicken lovers are always at ease wherever they go as it is readily available at all places. Roasted Chicken in Naran Kaghan taste so good especially when its Cold outside. And when it comes to Roasted Chicken we can gobbled it with any of the other food items. And one of the recommended and must try food in Naran Kaghan for food lovers. 

Chicken / Mutton Achari


Chicken/Mutton Achari is a bit different from normal KARAHI in the sense that it is boneless and the thing that make it different from Chicken/Mutton karahi is the addition of pickles as well as yogurt or cream that makes it less spicy but gives a finger licking taste. Chicken / Mutton Achari is must try food in Naran Kaghan for food lovers.

Trout Fish


Last but not least, the most demanding and easily available food in Naran Kaghan is Trout fish. Two kinds of Trout are available in Naran Kaghan. One is of Farms and other one from the River.  Trout from River is a bit costly in price due to the real taste. Trout  found in Cold waters and you need a license for fishing.

These are the recommended Food in Naran kaghan and also Cuisine in my opinion. If you have any other recommendations please share with us by commenting Below.


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