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Top 5 Romantic Places for Couples in Naran Kaghan

What I can say about the beautiful valley of Naran Kaghan, which is not previously said. Is it the legendary lake Saif-ul-malook or Malika Parbat (the highest peak of naran valley).  Lush green meadows of shogran siri paye and Lalazar or thrilling experience of 13,687 feet high Babusar Pass. Lively bazar of naran valley or untouched beauty of Saran and Supat Valley. Every inch of this beautiful valley is breath taking. These all places are worth paying visit but in my opinion these 5 places are more Romantic places especially for newly Weds Couples.S


At the altitude 2425 meters, Sharan is very beautiful and untouched forest of Kaghan-Naran Valley and one of the most Romantic place. Sharan Forest has dense trees and heavy vegetation. It is very clean because it is not very common among tourist and very less travelers visit during summer season. It is also Beautiful and Romantic place for couples and adjacent to Manshi Top (2867 meters high) which is very lush green plateau. You can find a little camp site inside the forest. Owned by forest and tourism department where you can stay for a night.


One of the most famous, beautiful and Romantic place in Kaghan-Naran where you can find beautiful landscapes. It is located 34 km away from Balakot. You can access Shogran with your personal car but once you arrive at shogran, a jeep ride can take you to the beautiful meadow located at an elevation of 3000 meters or 10,000 feet. But I suggest you a hike from that point which normally take 2 and half hours from shogran to paye. Spectacular views of Makra Peak, Malika Parbat and Moosa ka Musalla can be seen from here. In spring season, this place is simply the best for a weekend adventure. Even a full-fledge tour away from your stressful routine.S


Located in upper Kaghan, Lalazar is beautiful tourist spot at an elevation of 3.123m. but it is not for those with lack of driving skills or suffering from vertigo as road to the summit tests the skill, and courage, of any driver. You can found Lalazar on south-west of Batakundi. The track is 4.2 km long with incredible landscapes, pine forest scenic views and charming weather.


At an elevation of 3224 meter, The most famous visiting place in Naran Valley is lake Saif ul Malook. And one cant right about the beauty of this valley without including the tourist spot. The lake can be accessible through jeeps from Naran city and one can hike as well if physically fit. It is one of the most beautiful lake all over Pakistan and around the world. Huts are also available at lake side if someone want to spend a night (recommended a night with full moon). Malika Parbat (the highest peak of Naran valley) is near to this lake.


As all husbands already know that shopping is very substantial in order to make any trip romantic. In Naran City main bazar you can find normal day to day items and rare and beautiful handicrafts which are not easily found in our cities. Dry fruits are also available. Take a walk with your partner in bazar and enjoy a little shopping for your family and friends back home.

In my Opinion these five are most Romantic Places for couples in Naran Kaghan. If you have any suggestion kindly share with us by commenting below

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