Top 7 Best Travel Tips For Naran Kaghan : Tips For Healthy Visit

The cardinal rule for every work is to know the safety rules before giving it a kick start and the same goes for travelling too. Without knowing the safety rules, trip to any place could be spoiled making it a total waste of time and money. When it comes to visit in Pakistan then the very first place that strikes the mind is none other than Naran Kaghan. Naran Kaghan is rich in nature’s impeccable beauty. And most important thing before kicking off for your journey is the safety precautions or travel tips that everyone needs to be aware of. Here are some of the safety & travel tips for visit to Naran Kaghan.

Pack Light

travel-tipsWhenever you plan to visit Northern Areas, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to pack unnecessary things. Always try to carry the important things leaving the rest behind. Don’t forget to bring hiking gadgets along with you.

Wear Clothes in Layers

travel-tipsWeather of Naran Kaghan is least dependable and it can change in a jiffy. So always try to be smart by wearing clothes in layers when you go out for site seeing as it can get very cold in the afternoons.

Be Cash Smart

travel-tipsThe main problem in the Northern Areas is the high pricing of stuff. So, it’s better to be Cash Smart whenever you want to buy something from shops or way-fares. Before buying anything don’t forget to have a stroll and check the stuff from different sellers to get the better prices.

Avoid Winters

travel-tipsIf you are planning to visit Naran Kaghan then it should be kept in mind that visiting Naran Kaghan in winters should be out of your options. Naran Kaghan is prone to heavy snow- fall in winters. And also there is high contingency of land-sliding and roads are blocked with the layers of snow. Here’s the article that guides you about Best marching time for Naran Kaghan.

Don’t Travel Alone

travel-tipsNever plan to travel alone in Naran Kaghan. The place worthy to visit require hiking or have Jeep tracks. So, its important from security perspective as well as it is cash saving.

Weather Info

travel-tipsBefore setting off to Naran Kaghan always check weather before hand for the days you are going to stay. Its better to get some warm clothes and wool caps in the luggage as temperature is generally low in night. And no one wants to miss the dinner under clear skies in cold and nippy night of Naran Kaghan. You can also check the weather updates on your smartphones via weather apps
Here are few recommended weather apps. 

  1. Accu Weather
  2. Dark Sky

Here’s the article that guides you about Naran kaghan general weather update
Naran Kaghan Weather 


Avoid Personal Car

travel-tipsIn Naran Kaghan you can drive your cars till the hotel but it is not advisable to drive your cars to places you want to visit. Most of the tracks are covered by Jeeps and normal cars are not good to be taken to these areas. In addition to that people are not used to drive on that kind of tracks. It can be dangerous to drive the way by yourself. So, its better to hire some jeep and visit your destination place.

These are few travel & Safety tips in my point of view and if you have any safety tip in your mind and you want to share with us please do so by commenting below or Email us. If you find this article informative please don’t forget to share with your Friends & Family. 

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